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Here’s another amazing shot by Way Beyond Productions
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47,087 plays Meteor Shower Animal Crossing OST

Meteor Shower - Animal Crossing OST

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" ‘Eowyn, Eowyn!’ he cried at last. ‘Eowyn, how come you here? What madness or devilry is this? Death, death, death! Death take us all!’ Then without council of the men of the City, he spurred headlong back to front of the great host, and blew a horn, and cried aloud for the onset. Over the field rang his clear voice calling: ‘Death! Ride, ride for ruin and the world’s ending!’ And with that the host began to move. But the Rohirrim sang no more. Death they cried with one voice loud and terrible, and gathering speed like a great tide their battle swept about their fallen king and passed, roaring away southwards." ~ Quotes from the book


Hotrod Pinup , check more here :

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Hayao Miyazaki talking about his passion for animation while seeing the world through his fascinating career. From the documentary: The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness (2013)

My favourite part of the film, i shed a tear at this part, i guess you have to see it in context

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has this been done yet

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